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Tue May 21 18:04:23 PDT 2019

Hola fellow GAPS!

We have the unique opportunity to visit the target hall at ISAC! This is a rare occasion that happens once a year (or even every other one), so for many of you this will be your only chance to ever see where all the exotic isotopes we play with are created.

We are organizing small groups of 6 for next week, every day at 1 p.m. There is a small chance that we can organize more tours the week after, but keep in mind that it is at the same time as the CAP conference, so don't count on that!

Write your NAME AND EMAIL in the following link under the day you want to attend:


We will be meeting at the badge room at 1 p.m. Remember to bring closed toe shoes, full length trousers and socks (basically all skin below the waist must be covered). We know it's almost summer and you want wear shorts, but safety comes first. All other personal protective equipment will be provided.

For any questions, please write me at bruno.olaizola at

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