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Change coming to outgoing calls at TRIUMF: 
Dear TRIUMF Community,

There have been a few cases where 911 calls have accidentally been made from telephones on the TRIUMF site. These calls were usually the result of people attempting to make overseas calls and mis-dialling or being confused by the required dialling sequence.  

To address this, we ask that you switch to dialling "8" for an outside line. This functionality is currently in place for the new telephone system, which is now being used by most TRIUMF employees. Please use "8" for an outside line and report any issues via HelpDesk ticket. The plan is to eventually retire the use of "9" for an outside line - we will update you on deadlines for this switch in the coming months. 

Finally, if by mistake you do make a 911 call and are connected to an emergency dispatch operator, please do not hang up. Indicate that the call was made in error and provide your building and room number and local to the operator. After hanging up, immediately inform the main control room (x7333) and let them know that a 911 call was made in error. After a 911 call, emergency responders will be dispatched to the TRIUMF site, and because there is no ability to "cancel" a 911 call, it is important for the main control room to be aware that such a call has been made.

Davis Swan

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