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Hi GAPS members,

Hope everyone is doing ok still. Below are 2 emails sent out earlier this week with updates regarding TRIUMF for anyone that hasn't yet seen them.

-Your GAPS
From: The Director <director at triumf.ca>
Sent: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 8:52 PM
Subject: Director's Office  : April 7 - Important Updates

April 7 - Important Updates:
Dear Colleagues,

Following up on yesterday’s message, I would like to begin by thanking everyone for continuing their efforts in physical distancing.  It seems that BC is seeing a sustained flattening of the curve, and while that’s great news, we all need to keep up our efforts to truly turn the tide.  I also appreciate that distancing and working remotely is proving difficult for many in our community.  I ask everyone to reach out virtually to your teammates and colleagues; it is important that we stand by each other during this challenging time.

Two updates for this evening:

• Town Hall: Thank you to everyone for coming to last week’s Virtual Town Hall.  It was great to see your faces!  The recording of this session is now online and can be found via a link on the COVID-19 Resources page. The next town hall will be held on Thursday (April 9) from 2:30-3:30. Please use the following information to connect:

Meeting ID: 518 404 186

To join the meeting from a telephone dial (778) 907-2071 enter 518-404-186 press # twice

• Contributing to COVID-19 projects: In addition to the MVM ventilator project – mentioned by the Prime Minister in his briefing today – we are also collecting other ways for our community to help in the global fight against COVID-19.  These opportunities are being shared via the “Contributions” channel within the TRIUMF Community Discussion Board on the Teams site (see the more information link below).  I encourage you to review the opportunities and contribute where you can.  Please use the platform to share others that you may come across. Should you decide to participate in such a project that requires TRIUMF institutional support, please contact the Research Services well before the deadline.

I have no doubt our strong and diverse community can contribute greatly to the fight.

Thank you all for continuing to do your part, and I look forward to seeing everyone at Thursday’s Virtual Town Hall.


Jonathan Bagger
From: The Director <director at triumf.ca>
Sent: Monday, April 6, 2020 7:46 PM
Subject: Director's Office  : April 6, 2020 - Important Updates

April 6, 2020 - Important Updates:
Dear Colleagues,

I’d like to begin this week with several quick but important updates.

 • TRIUMF Operations:  We have updated TRIUMF’s operational status on the COVID-19 Employee Resources website, including the news that all non-essential onsite research activities have been curtailed until at least April 30. For more information see this link: https://www.triumf.ca/node/35969/

• New Health and HR Protocols:  We have released new procedures related to reporting and responding to confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases. These materials can be found on the COVID-19 Employee Resources website under Health and Safety and under Human Resources. I ask all staff to review the TRIUMF COVID-19 Response Plan (Document-180787). In addition, it is mandatory that all supervisors understand and work in accordance with the COVID-19 Absence, Sick Leave & Return to Work Guidelines (Document-180896).

Complementing these new documents, the COVID-19 Employee Resources website contains new FAQs, including links to new face covering guidance from the Government of Canada. Also, a new page tracking onsite COVID-19 incidents is linked under the Updates section of the COVID-19 site. This resource, which requires a TRIDENT log-in, will be updated twice each week.

• Site Access:  Site access procedures are being updated and posted on the COVID-19 website. At this time, we have removed the requirement to contact the Driver Control Room upon arrival and departure on site. In addition, new guidelines for working alone will be posted shortly, which I ask all staff to review and follow.

Thank you all for your continued hard work and cooperation during this challenging time.

I will follow-up tomorrow with more information and updates.


Jonathan Bagger

See https://www.triumf.ca/COVID-19%20RESOURCES for more information.

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