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Mon Apr 20 11:10:49 PDT 2020

Dear Journal Clubbers,

The next journal club will commence this Thursday at 3:30pm via the BlueJeans link below:

Sam Porter will be presenting this week on his chosen paper "Evidence for the First Excited State of 7H"
The paper is attached to this email.

His questions are as follows:
1. What is 4n radioactivity?
2. What is the hyperspherical harmonics model?
3. What is a five-body phase space?
4. What is the significance of comparing isotones with closed p3/2 neutron subshells?
5. Why is the lack of 7H "ground state" event detection between 6 < θc.m. < 12 not an important fact?

Please read through the paper, consider his questions, and join us at 3:30 pm this Thursday!

Matt (on behalf of GAPS)
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