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Mon Apr 27 13:34:46 PDT 2020

Hello GAPS members!

TRIUMF is testing a new site-wide mailing list. Since postdocs and grad students have so frequently had issues with the site-wides, we need you to let us know if you did not get the site-wide email this morning, and think you should have (eg. you spend time at TRIUMF and would want to know about closures or other big news).

Subject: "This is a test of the new Site-Wide Distribution List - Message has no content"
Sent by: "The Director"
At: ~9:53 am, Monday April 27

If you think that you were missed by the site-wide email, please reply to us with your affiliation (TRIUMF, or school, etc.) and position (postdoc, grad student) and other details about your TRIUMF affiliation that could help IT track down why you were missed (eg. whether you're on TRIUMF's payroll, who your TRIUMF supervisor is, etc.). We'll pass on the info we receive, and hopefully can get a site-wide mailing list that is actually site-wide very soon!

-Your GAPS
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