Fw: Director's Office : Confirming your inclusion in the new TRIUMF Site Announcement list

Gaps gaps at triumf.ca
Tue Apr 28 20:45:42 PDT 2020

Please see the following message regarding the site-wide emails. Very important: if you did not receive the site-wide announcement listed below, please email Rob Watt so that you can get put on the list!

-Your GAPS

On 4/28/20, 8:42 PM, "Robert W Watt" <watt at triumf.ca> wrote:

    Confirming your inclusion in the new TRIUMF Site Announcement list:
    We are finalizing the configurations for the new TRIUMF announcement service and we want to ensure that everyone that has been receiving announcements from the Director's Office will continue to receive them.

    You should have received an email from "The Director", at approximately 8:30pm PST, with the subject "Test Announcement from Director's Office". If you did NOT receive it please advise Rob Watt by email at watt at triumf.ca.

    Thank you,


    Robert Watt
    Group Leader – TRIUMF's Information & Systems Technology Windows Team

    You can verify the source of this email at https://admin.triumf.ca/d2w-sec/announcevalidate.d2w/verify?id=4194

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