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We forward you this email from Maxine about medical coverage while in implied status.

Please go carefully through it to have all possible support from TRIUMF HR in case you need to face implied status.

– Your GAPS


Hi all,

Wanted to provide you with an update on medical coverage while in implied status.

With regards to MSP and implied status, more information can be found at this link:<> Specifically about reimbursement it says: “Individuals who have been advised by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada that they have ‘implied status’ and are waiting to receive their renewed permit should contact HIBC once they receive their new documentation. Once received, continuous coverage may be provided if eligible and requested.”

I have also confirmed with David Cummings/Global Allainz, our emergency medical provider, that those on implied status would be eligible for emergency coverage under the Newcomers to Canada plan (same as what new foreign workers to Canada get covered under during their initial 3 month MSP waiting period).  Those on implied status can purchase this coverage themselves and pick what level of coverage they would want (i.e. $50K, $150K, etc. maximum covered amount), but the coverage is only for emergencies and does not cover trips to the doctor, etc. To get coverage that resembles MSP they would need to purchase an ex-patriot plan, which is very expensive and not recommended by the provider for short term implied status coverage.

For those wanting to purchase the emergency medical or for questions about the coverage, please contact Eileen Francisco in the HR office.  We are also updating our extension letters to reflect the link above and the option to purchase emergency medical. Any other questions, please let me know.



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