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Thu Feb 13 16:41:03 PST 2020

Dear all,

We are pleased to give you another unique opportunity to visit TRIUMF cyclotron vault and nearby areas. As a TRIUMF student/postdoc, you can attend an exclusive tour into the heart of TRIUMF, guided by an expert, and answer many questions about how our particle beams are produced.

How to attend:
•         Come on Friday, Feb 14th (tomorrow!) at 2:00 PM  in the MOB auditorium for an introductory lecture by Matt Pearson, or let us know if you can’t attend. During the lecture, you will fill out a participation form to record your presence.
•         Sign up by filling out the google sheet (link:, and specify your time slot preference among these below:
o   Tuesday 18th, 8am
o   Tuesday 18th, 12am
o   Friday 21st, 9am
The tours are limited to 10 participants per tour, on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up ASAP, and let us know if you can’t make it any more.
You would need to sign up for a DRD (dosimeter), more details on this will be given during the lecture on Friday.

We apologize for the short notice, but these tours are only possible during the cyclotron shutdown and are scheduled in coordination with the maintenance tasks and the volunteer expert guides. Do not miss this opportunity!

Your GAPS Committee
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