WNPPC Practice Talk Session

Gaps gaps at triumf.ca
Tue Jan 28 08:14:53 PST 2020

Hi Grads and Postdocs,

GAPS would like to host a practice talk session for those of you who are attending WNPPC. The practice session will be on Monday, February 10th, at 11am. We will have a 3-4 staff scientists join us to give feedback on your talks, in addition to members of the GAPS committee and other students and postdocs. This is a great opportunity to practice your presentation and get feedback on it prior to the conference later that week.

Important: If you are attending WNPPC and would like to give a practice talk during this session, please send us an email (gaps at triumf.ca - you can even reply to this email!) telling us that you'd like to participate so that we can get a count of how many practice talks we will have.

More information on the practice talk session will be sent out later next week.

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