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Hi all,

As a quick correction, the Q+A session with Ruben de Groote is not today at 1pm (as this email stated). The time for it is actually tomorrow (Friday) at 11:45. Information on where to access it is in listed in the abstract for the seminar: https://www.triumf.ca/research-program/lectures-conferences/upcoming-seminars-lectures?expand=2243

Sorry for the confusion!

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Hello All,

Throughout June a series of six special colloquia will be presented by candidates for the Fundamental Physics Scientist position here at TRIUMF.

This is an exciting opportunity to hear from the candidates, meet them to discuss their research, but also discuss the research we do here at TRIUMF and as the GAPS community.

These will operate similar to our usual colloquia, with each candidate presenting their research and then making time to speak to GAPS afterwards - however, due to the other constraints of the selection process, the Q+A will not take place immediately after.

The first two colloquia take place this week (click the title for abstracts):

  *   Monday 8th 10.00 AM: Skyler Degenkolb - Polarized nuclei and neutrons: toward new tools for fundamental physics<https://www.triumf.ca/research-program/lectures-conferences/upcoming-seminars-lectures?expand=2242>
  *   Thursday 11th 10.00 AM: Ruben de Groote - New frontiers in optical spectroscopy of radioactive nuclei<https://www.triumf.ca/research-program/lectures-conferences/upcoming-seminars-lectures?expand=2243>

Bluejeans links for each talk can be found in the abstract, and in both cases the Q+A session will take place at 13.00 each day.

A full list of the upcoming colloquia, and abstracts, can be found here<https://www.triumf.ca/research-program/lectures-conferences/upcoming-seminars-lectures>.

Hope to see you there!
   - Your GAPS
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