(Virtual) coffee and cookie hour today

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Wed Mar 18 16:26:17 PDT 2020

Dear grads and postdocs of TRIUMF,

Although we could all probably use a cookie or three right now, the weekly GAPS Coffee and Cookie Hour will not take place today, or for the foreseeable future. The GAPS Committee has also decided to postpone all of our upcoming events indefinitely.

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with each other. For that reason, check out our new forum for connecting with other grads and postdocs at TRIUMF, the GAPS Members Microsoft Team! Instructions for joining are at the end of this email. This team will provide an easy way to reach your fellow grads and postdocs to say hi, check in, or discuss which grocery stores actually have toilet paper. We’ll also be hosting virtual coffee and cookies hour, featuring some non-edible treat, starting today.

The distribution of TRIUMF-wide communication to grads and postdocs has frequently been problematic. If you might have missed the latest Director’s Office emails, we encourage you to check this link for the latest updates: https://www.triumf.ca/node/34431. Your GAPS Committee is also reachable, as always, at gaps at triumf.ca<mailto:gaps at triumf.ca>.

Although talking with your community of grads and postdocs is important, it’s not always enough. We want to remind everyone that students and postdocs at TRIUMF (regardless of whether they’re employees) have access to counselling with Homewood Health, our Employee Assistance Provider (EAP). Find out more here: https://homewoodhealth.com/individuals/contact

Stay safe, stay connected, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

- Your GAPS

Instructions for joining the GAPS Members team:
- Go to https://teams.microsoft.com<https://teams.microsoft.com/>
- Sign in with your TRIUMF ID and password
- Click “Join or Create Team” in the top left corner, then “Join a team with a code” and use this code: d9k033t.
- You can use the web browser version, or download the app.

(You can mute notifications by clicking on the three dots beside each channel, then on “Channel Notifications”)

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