Journal Club Paper and Questions (TIME & DATE CHANGED)

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Dear Journal Clubbers

The journal club will be starting in 10 mins, please join us for discussion of Bruno's paper.

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Dear Journal Clubbers,

Bruno Olaizola will be presenting this week's journal club with "Mirror-symmetry violation in bound nuclear ground states". (Attached)

Note that the time and day of journal club has been changed to 1pm on Friday 1st of May.

Please join us at via BlueJeans

His questions are as follows:

1) In Fig. 2.b, they fixed the energy of the second peak to be 709 keV lower than the main one, but the centroids obviously do not agree (50 keV off?). Why not let it vary free?

2) They claim a 63% branching from Sr-73 to Br-73*(IAS). Where does this number come from? Where is the other 37% decay going to? (see Fig. 3)

3) How do they know that Sr-73 is decaying from the ground state? The doublet in Br-73 is 27 keV, if here it is smaller (1-5 keV) the higher-energy isomer could beta decay with a similar half-life.

4) What is so relevant about this result, this is not the first case of isospin symmetry breaking, it's not the strongest and it's model dependant?

5) Any wild guesses on why neighbouring odd-odd N=Z isotopes have 0+ g.s (i.e. no isospin symmetry violation)?
FOLLOW UP: and why most A<40 odd-odd N=Z isotopes do NOT have 0+ g.s?

TRICK QUESTION: why can't you have a T_z=+1,-1 and T=0 state?

BONUS QUESTION: why do you think Nature (arguably the most prestigious journal in science) has such a terrible layout?

Extra reading material for the highly motivated:<>

Kind regards,
Matt on behalf of GAPS
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