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Tue May 19 17:02:32 PDT 2020

Dear Journal Clubbers,

Melissa will be presenting at the next journal club which will be held at 1pm this Friday via BlueJeans.

BlueJeans Link:

Here paper choice is titled: "New Test of the Gravitational 1/r2 Law at Separations down to 52 um"

The paper and supplemental material is attached.

Her questions to consider are as follows:

1a:  How does a torsion balance work?
1b:  What is a Yukawa interaction?
1c:  What is an autocollimator?
2:   How are the three spheres used to provide a calibration?
3a:  What effect do electrostatic forces have on this experiment?
3b:  How are ambient magnetic fields accounted for?
4:   How might one improve this measurement?

Please join us in discussing this very interesting paper choice.

Matt (on behalf of GAPS)
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