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Dear TRIUMF Users,
Please find attached a posting for an open PDF position at INFN.

Best regards,
TUEC Chair

>>> Tommaso Marchi <tommaso.marchi at lnl.infn.it><mailto:tommaso.marchi at lnl.infn.it> 09/28/20 12:17 PM >>>

Hello everyone,

We hope this mail finds you ok, despite the difficult times we are in.

We'd like to bring to your attention the new call for Post-doctoral fellowships in experimental physics at INFN:


We are available for discussing possible research projects.

All the best,

Tommaso and Sandro

for the INFN-NUCLEX collaboration.

-- Tommaso MarchiINFN - Laboratori Nazionali di LegnaroOff. +39 049 8068532Mob. +39 328 2857859
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