[Triumf-running] TRIUMF Walking and Running Group - Week of Nov 2, 2015

Robert Watt watt at triumf.ca
Mon Nov 2 14:48:38 PST 2015

Hello Everyone,

This weekend's long run felt sluggish. I had every intention of 
completing some long repeats within it. There may be various reasons for 
this but I will place the blame on the consumption of too many chocolate 
bars the night before. It is a good reminder for me that diet impacts my 
running performance. If you feel you need to burn off some sugar, make 
sure you join us for this week's run or walk.

Many of you may have received an email from Sun Run Offices reminding 
you of the 2016 run. If you plan to run with the TRIUMF team, don't sign 
up yet. We will coordinate the TRIUMF team near the beginning of the 
year. I saw in today's Vancouver Sun that Sun Run organizers are 
dropping the while cotton t-shirts and will provide all participants 
with high-tech shirts. Finally I will have a Sun Run shirt I can run in.

*Training this week*

*Tuesday - Nov 3, 2015* - Loops in the Forest
Meet at 12:00 outside the badge room


  * easy warm up jog to the junction of Huckleberry and Hemlock trails
  * dynamic stretching
  * 3 or 4 loops with 2 minute recovery walk/jog. The loop is about 1100m
  * warm down jog back to TRIUMF
  * stretching at TRIUMF

Walkers and Walk/runners

  * walk to the above destination
  * stretching
  * power walking or jogging along the same route
  * back to TRIUMF
  * stretching at TRIUMF

*Thursday Nov 5, 2015* - 45 minute tempo run or brisk walk along SW 
Marine Trail, Camosun St, and St Georges Trail, W29th (if you get that 
far) and return.
Meet at 12:00 outside the Badge Room

  * 10 min at an easy pace
  * Runners: for 25 minutes, gradually increase from an easy pace to a
    faster pace near the end and switching direction at 12.5 minutes.
  * For walkers/joggers: alternating paces for 25 minutes.
  * 10 min easy pace back to TRIUMF
  * post run stretching

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