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Hi Everyone

*Time to review your running gear.*
It is now time to locate the extra layers of clothing to wear when 
running. If you will be doing a workout, you may temporarily wear a 
light coat while warming up, shed it during the workout, and then cover 
up on the cool down. Light pants, which are easily removed, may be 
beneficial. A pair of light gloves and a toque may make running much 
more comfortable when the temperature is in single digits or below zero.
If your shoes get wet, do take the insoles out after the run to allow 
proper drying.

Don't let the weather discourage you from walking and running. Just make 
adaptations so that you can continue to enjoy being outside.

*Safety Note*
With the days being much shorter you may walk or run in the dark. Do 
make sure others, particularly drivers, can see you. Use both passive 
and active methods. Wear clothing that reflects or wear a safety vest. 
Run with a headlamp or with arm straps that flash. There are many 
devices on the market so find something that is comfortable and 
effective. Never assume that drivers see you at stop signs or cross walks.

*Training this week*

*Tuesday - Nov 10, 2015* - Huckleberry Hills
Meet at 12:00 outside the badge room


  * easy warm up jog to the junction of Huckleberry and Hemlock trails
  * dynamic stretching
  * 8 - 10 hill climbs with easy jog downhill
  * warm down jog back to TRIUMF
  * stretching at TRIUMF

Walkers and Walk/runners

  * walk to the above destination
  * stretching
  * power walking or jogging along the same route
  * back to TRIUMF
  * stretching at TRIUMF

*Thursday Nov 12, 2015* - 45 minute tempo run.
Meet at 12:00 outside the Badge Room

  * 10 min at an easy pace
  * Runners: for 25 minutes, gradually increase from an easy pace to a
    faster pace near the end and switching direction at 12.5 minutes.
  * For walkers/joggers: alternating paces for 25 minutes.
  * 10 min easy pace back to TRIUMF
  * post run stretching

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