[Triumf-running] TRIUMF Walking and Running Group - Week of Nov 30, 2015

Robert Watt watt at triumf.ca
Mon Nov 30 22:39:28 PST 2015

Hi Everyone

We have reached the time of year when motivation for running and walking 
as well as other outdoor activities drops off. Cool temperatures and 
much precipitation can be discouraging. However with adequate 
preparation, getting out to challenge the elements can be invigorating. 
Make sure you will be warm enough and plan your routes with safety and 
comfort in mind. 99% of the time you will be pleased that you made the 
effort to get outside and get active.

*Training this week*

*Tuesday - Dec 1, 2015* - Long repeats on the Sasamat, Hemlock, Imperial 
Trails (acronym avoided)
Meet at 12:00 outside the badge room


  * easy warm up jog to the junction of Imperial and Sasamat trails
  * dynamic stretching
  * 2 or 3 one mile loops. Do note that this is a hilly loop.
  * warm down jog back to TRIUMF
  * stretching at TRIUMF

Walkers and Walk/runners

  * walk to the above destination (this can be modified)
  * stretching
  * power walking or jogging for one loop
  * back to TRIUMF
  * stretching at TRIUMF

*Thursday Dec 3, 2015* - 45 minute tempo run.
Meet at 12:00 outside the Badge Room

  * 10 min at an easy pace
  * Runners: for 25 minutes, gradually increase from an easy pace to a
    faster pace near the end and switching direction at 12.5 minutes.
  * For walkers/joggers: alternating paces for 25 minutes.
  * 10 min easy pace back to TRIUMF
  * post run stretching

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