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Hello Everybody,


Wow, we came first in HighTech division. Congratulation to everybody and Rob, thank you,




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Hi Everyone,

Wow, just one week to go to the Sun Run. I will be picking up the race packages and distributing them later this week. You can pick them up from me in my office in room 232 on the 2nd floor on the ISAC II building after 2:00pm on Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday after 11:00.

Prep Week
This week's focus should be on easing up on the training, eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and relaxing a bit. About a month ago I provided some tips for the pre-race week. These are general suggestions. If you know that other steps work well for you, then stick with them. Here they are again although slightly modified:

*	Back off on the training intensity. Drop the mileage by 25% and reduce the effort by 10%. You don't want to feel exhausted after workouts this week.
*	Get more sleep. Most of us don't get enough. For at least the three nights before the race, try to get eight hours or more of sleep.
*	Improve your diet. Consume plenty vegetables and fruit. Go for the dark veggies. In the few days before, consume brown rice, lentils, oats, or other high quality carbs. Processed food and sweets? Avoid them.
*	Stay hydrated for several days before. Drink more water than usual. Avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol.
*	Do a light run the day before the race. A few kilometers at a very easy pace is best. Just enough to feel warmed up.
*	Have a relaxing evening before the race. Put up your feet and enjoy a movie or a book or whatever works for you.
*	Arrive early for the race and warm up. Consider going for a walk or jog before entering the corral. Once inside the corral, continue to move a much as possible so you feel warm.

Not sure what to eat before the race?
Hopefully you have experimented and found a quality breakfast that provides good energy and does not bother your stomach while racing. Here is my go-to race day breakfast. Large flake oats with blueberries (frozen works well) with some cinnamon and brown sugar. Add hot water and microwave it. Add some almond milk. On the side, I enjoy some strawberries or half a banana and have a glass of unsweetened fruit juice. I actually do not drink coffee before a race although I drink it every other morning. I do look forward to a post-race coffee.

Training this week

Tuesday - April 12, 2016 - 4 minute repeats
Meet at 12:00 outside the badge room

Walkers or walk/runners - Please feel free to join us. 


*	easy warm up jog to west end of Imperial Trail
*	dynamic stretching
*	5 x 4 minutes repeats at a bit slower than 10K pace with 1 minute rests.
*	warm down jog back to TRIUMF
*	stretching at TRIUMF

Thursday April 14, 2016 - 45 minute easy run with strides. Route will be determined at start time.
Meet at 12:00 outside the Badge Room

*	After 10 minutes of running easy insert some 45 second (30 right steps) strides. Try to do at least 10 of them. Run easy for at least a minute between each one. We will do our usual turn around after 22.5 minutes and head back to TRIUMF.
*	 Stretching for everyone. 

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