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Hi Everyone,

*41 days to go to the Sun Run. *
You should be able to fit in 15 more runs if you get out 3 times per 
week. There is still time to make improvements. If you have not started 
training yet, you can still get yourself ready. Start easy and build 
steadily towards a realistic goal time for the race.

For those of you who have been training hard, make sure you fit is easy 
weeks. Do two or three weeks of hard training followed by an easy week. 
Give your body time to recover and become stronger.

Run, walk, or run/walk a minimum of three time per week.
Session 1 - Do some interval work similar to our Tuesday workouts.
Session 2 - Do a tempo workout. Similar to our Thursday workouts.
Session 3 - Long run or walk. Long is a relative reference. It depends 
on how far your longest runs are. You should be able to run/walk over 
10K in this session. Build up to it week over week to get to that distance.

Do consider cross training such as cycling, swimming, hiking, or weight 
training. Strengthening your core and leg muscle is very beneficial.

Do join us on the Tuesday or Thursday workouts at noon. We can give you 
support and help you reach your goal.
Training this week*

*Tuesday - Mar 8, 2016* - *Pyramid intervals on Imperial Trail***
Meet at 12:00 outside the badge room

Walkers or walk/runners - Please feel free to join us.


  * easy warm up jog to west end on Imperial Trail
  * dynamic stretching
  * Pyramid workout: 2, 3, 4, 5, 3, 1 minutes at 10K pace with 1 minute
    rests between each.
  * warm down jog back to TRIUMF
  * stretching at TRIUMF

*Thursday Mar 10, 2016* - 45 minute tempo run. Route will be determined 
at start time.
Meet at 12:00 outside the Badge Room

  * 10 minute easy run and then for 25 minutes, gradually increase from
    an easy pace to a faster pace near the end and switching direction
    at 12.5 minutes. After 25 minutes, slow down to an easy run back to
  *   Stretching for everyone.

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