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Hi Everyone,

*There is more to running a race than just running*
You have received numerous recommendations on how to become a faster and 
stronger runner however, in order to take advantage of the training come 
race day, you need to  prepare yourself in the week leading up to it. 
This is often referred to as the tapering period. You should back off on 
the intensity and quantity of mileage but also make other adjustments 
such as:

  * Get more sleep. For at least the 3 nights before the race, try to
    get 8 hours or more of sleep.
  * Improve your diet. Consume plenty vegetables and fruit. Go for the
    dark veggies. In the few days before, consume brown rice, lentils,
    or other high quality carbs. Fats and sweets - avoid them.
  * Stay hydrated for several days before. Drink more water than usual.
    Avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol.
  * Do a light run the day before the race. A few kilometers at a very
    easy pace is best. Just enough to feel warmed up.
  * Have a relaxing evening before the race. Put up your feet and enjoy
    a movie or a book or whatever works for you.
  * Arrive early for the race and warm up. Consider going for a walk or
    jog before entering the corral. Once inside the corral, continue to
    move a much as possible so you feel warm.

There are still nearly 5 weeks to go, so try the above in the next few 
weeks and then try a strong workout. You will likely have a very good 

*Race Results*
MEC Vancouver Race #2 in Pacific Spirit Park on March 13th
Congrats to *Claire David* and *Anders Mjos* for solid runs in the 10K 
Claire was very close to setting a personal best 10K time which is 
fantastic considering this was trail run and she placed 3rd overall. Nice!

St Patrick's Day 5K (BC 5K Championships) in Stanley Park on March 12th
*David Wang* and *Rob Watt* enjoyed competing with a very fast field on 
a challenging course. Surprisingly good weather appeared.

Training this week*

*Tuesday - Mar 15, 2016* - Hilly mile loop - *see map below***
Meet at 12:00 outside the badge room

Walkers or walk/runners - Please feel free to join us.


  * easy warm up jog to junction of Sasamat and Imperial trails (about 2km)
  * dynamic stretching
  * 2 or 3 loop at 10k race effort (not pace) with 2 minute rests
  * warm down jog back to TRIUMF
  * stretching at TRIUMF

*Thursday Mar 17, 2016* - 45 minute tempo run. Route will be determined 
at start time.
Meet at 12:00 outside the Badge Room

  * 10 minute easy run and then for 25 minutes, gradually increase from
    an easy pace to a faster pace near the end and switching direction
    at 12.5 minutes. After 25 minutes, slow down to an easy run back to
  *   Stretching for everyone.

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