[Triumf-running] TRIUMF Running Group - Week of Aug 12, 2019

Robert Watt watt at triumf.ca
Mon Aug 12 14:41:10 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

A big congrats to everyone that participated in the Summerfast 10K on July 20th.
Our team included:
Mel Good
Qun Gee
Diana Castaneda
Ben Smith
Dan Thomson
Stefan Paul
Rob Watt

I have not found out where we placed as a team however 1st and 2nd were taken by other run groups.

Next Challenge?
I suggest setting the Fall Classic 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon as our next goal race. This is on October 26th at UBC. I will update the training schedule shortly.

Training this Week
Tuesday Aug 13, 2019 - Tilted Pyramid workout
Meet at 12:00 outside the Badge Room

  *   Jog to the west end of Imperial trail
  *   dynamic stretching
  *   Run 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 3, 2, and 1 minutes at 10K or faster pace with 1 minute jogs between each one.
  *   easy jog back to TRIUMF
  *   static stretching
Thursday Aug 15, 2019 -  Split tempo run
Meet at 12:00 outside the Badge Room

  *   Easy run for 10 minutes.
  *   Increase your pace to moderate (half-marathon pace if you know it). Conversation should be challenging but you should not be gasping for air.
  *   At the halfway time, 22.5 minutes, reverse direction and head back the same way.
  *   Ease up on the pace for 2 minutes.
  *   Pick up the pace again and continue until the 35 minute mark.
  *   Regroup and jog back to TRIUMF.
  *   Static stretching for everyone.

Weekend runs - The long run with faster sections.
This week's long run should be 65 to 75 minutes long with 3 x 5 minutes at a harder effort dispersed within the run. It's a good idea to take along something for hydration and energy.

Alternate run days or cross training
If you want to run more than 3 days a week, do treat the extra runs as recovery runs. You should be able to converse easily during these.
Consider doing strength training. There are many routines designed for runners. Cycling, hiking, swimming, yoga, are great cross training activities. Basically, keep as active as possible without hurting yourself.
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