[Triumf-seminars] TRIUMF Special Seminar today at 14:00

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Fri Feb 16 05:00:01 PST 2007

Date/Time: Fri 2007-02-16 at 14:00

Location:  Auditorium          

Speaker:   Sören Wiesenfeldt (University of Illinois)

Title:     Grand Unification in the Advent of the LHC

Abstract: Grand-unified theories provide a beautiful framework for theories beyond the standard model, explaining naturally light but massive neutrinos and the non-observation of proton decay up to date.  I will discuss three viable scenarios: supersymmetric GUTs in four dimensions; orbifold GUTs; GUTs without low-energy supersymmetry.  The exploration of the particle spectrum at the TeV scale with the LHC together with the observation of proton decay will enable us to distinguish between these possibilities.

Stimulants available 15 minutes before the talk. The speaker is a candidate for a 5 year theory fellow position.


Subscription information available at http://admin.triumf.ca/netdata/seminars/list

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