[Triumf-seminars] TRIUMF Seminar today at 08:30

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Wed Feb 21 05:00:01 PST 2007

Date/Time: Wed 2007-02-21 at 08:30

Location:  MOB Conference Room 

Speaker:   Sonia Bacca (GSI)

Title:     Ab Initio Nuclear Physics

Abstract: A consistent and reliable description of nuclear phenomena, including structure properties and reaction mechanism, is the
objective of modern theoretical nuclear physics. The Lorentz Integral Transform method enables one to perform exact calculations of  perturbation induced break up reactions, circumventing the complication of the explicit evaluation of the scattering states
and reducing the problem to the solution of a bound state equation. Applications of the method to the two basic electromagnetic reactions, i.e.  nuclear photoabsorption and  electron scattering off few-body nuclei are presented. For light-medium mass nuclei the Fermionic Molecular Dynamics has been proven to be a reliable and flexible technique to study structure properties of shell-model like or clusterized systems. A new extension of the method to improve the description of long range tensor correlation is sketched.

The talk will be presented via video link.


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