[Triumf-seminars] TRIUMF Special Seminar today at 14:00

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Fri Mar 2 05:00:01 PST 2007

Date/Time: Fri 2007-03-02 at 14:00

Location:  Auditorium          

Speaker:   Frank Deppisch (DESY)

Title:     SUSY Seesaw and Lepton Flavor Violation at Future Experiments

Abstract: Supersymmetry remains the leading candidate for physics beyond the Standard Model whereas the Seesaw mechanism is a natural
way to explain the observed lightness of the neutrino masses. The combination of these two ideas has dramatic theoretical
consequences and leads to enhanced charged lepton flavor violation (LFV).

After an introduction of the main aspects of the SUSY Seesaw Model, I will discuss LFV processes at the LHC and ILC. I
investigate the correlation of these collider processes with the corresponding rare processes such as $\mu\to e\gamma$,
determine the prospect of finding LFV signals, and discuss the theoretical implications.

Stimulants available 15 minutes before the talk. The speaker is a candidate for a 5 year theory fellow position.


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