[Triumf-seminars] TRIUMF Technical Seminar, Fri 2007-03-23 at 12:00

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Fri Mar 23 04:06:38 PDT 2007

TODAY at 12:00  
NOTE NEW Location: ISAC 2 conference rm  

Speaker: Dr. XianZhen Zhao (Chemistry UBC)  
Title: Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry  

Abstract: Linear rf quadrupoles in mass spectrometry

Linear rf quadrupoles can be operated either as ion traps (storage mode) or mass filters (pass through mode). When operated as an ion trap, a linear quadrupole can also be used as a stand alone mass analyzer in addition to its ion storage capability. They are important tools in many disciplines, where they are utilized for both fundamental and applied research. When used as a base for mass spectrometry instrumentation, linear rf quadrupoles can be combined with other mass analyzers, such as time of flight (TOF) or FTICR, to form hybrid instruments. Such instruments can be quite useful in performing tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS), which is an increasingly important method to identify, characterize, and elucidate structural and conformational information of chemical compounds, proteins etc. Introduction of the rf quadrupole principles and their applications will be given, as well as a glimpse into our ongoing research effort in developing new rf quadrupoles. For example, methods of improving rf quadrupole traps and mass filters by deliberately adding a small percentage of higher multipole fields will be discussed. Recent results showing properties of such unconventional quadrupoles, and their applications will also be given. 
coffee/tea available ca. 15min prior to presentation
Dr. Zhao will be available for discussions with individuals after the presentation (all afternoon). 
Please contact Jens Lassen for an appointment (LASSEN at triumf.ca). 

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