[Triumf-seminars] TRIUMF Seminar today at 14:30

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Mon Jul 16 05:00:01 PDT 2007

Date/Time: Mon 2007-07-16 at 14:30

Location:  Auditorium          

Speaker:   Brandon Hartfiel (California State University Dominguez Hills)

Title:     Search for Neutron Antineutron Oscillations at Super Kamiokande I

Abstract: Experimental lifetime limits on p -> e+ + pi0 have already been able to rule out some of the simpler (Baryon-Lepton) conserving theories like SU(5), and the discovery of neutrino oscillation has increased the interest in (B-L) violating theories with Majorana mass terms. We look for neutron-antineutron oscillation, a (B-L) violating process, using
the 24.5 x 10^33 neutron-years of exposure in run one of Super-Kamiokande and obtain a limit of 1.78 x 10^32 years at the 90% confidence level. Our measurement is an improvement by a factor of 7.4 over the previous best measurement in oxygen and, using the theoretical suppression factors for oscillations in different nuclei, an improvement by a factor of 4.4 over the best measurement in iron and 1.85 over the measurement in free space.


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