[Triumf-seminars] TRIUMF Accelerator Seminar today at 10:00

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Thu Jul 26 05:00:01 PDT 2007

Date/Time: Thu 2007-07-26 at 10:00

Location:  Auditorium          

Speaker:   B. Sarkar (Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar)


Abstract: Major activities on cryogenics at Institute for Plasma Research started with the launching of Steady State Superconducting Tokamak SST-1 project. A Liquid Helium refrigerator/liquefier and the associated distribution system has been installed and commissioned to take care the steady state and the transient heat loads in the superconducting magnet system (SCMS) of SST-1. The plant has a capacity of 400 W refrigeration at 4.5 K and along with additional 200 l/hr liquefaction for the current leads. The cooling scheme of the SST-1 uses a cold circulation pump to circulate SHe through the SCMS with total nominal flow rate of 300 g/s at 4 bar and 4.5 K.  The current leads for SST-1 are cooled using liquid helium at 1.2 bar, 4.5 K. SCADA based control system has been designed using PLC. Helium refrigerator having capacity 110 W at 3.8 K, with sub-atmospheric heat exchanger and Vacuum Screw Compressor (8g/s @0.66bar) has been installed and commissioned for the cryo-pumps of the neutral beam system. In addition to the national program, India is now the 7th full partner in the ITER project. Cryo-distribution and cryo-lines for the ITER project are part of the in-kind supply, which will boost the cryogenic engineering activity further. The design and development of prototype cryo-line is in progress.

An overview of the Cryogenic systems at IPR along with introduction to the SST-1 project as well as Indian contribution to ITER project on cryo-line and cryo-distribution will be discussed.

Stimulants available 15 minutes before the talk.


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