[Triumf-seminars] TRIUMF Technical Seminar today at 15:30

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Tue Jul 31 05:00:00 PDT 2007

Date/Time: Tue 2007-07-31 at 15:30

Location:  Auditorium          

Speaker:   Madhu Dixit (TRIUMF & Carleton University)

Title:     TPC development for the International Linear Collider

Abstract: Sometime next year, the CERN Large Hadron Collider will begin its  quest for the Standard Model Higgs and possible new physics.  Presently, there is also significant worldwide R&D effort to finalize  the design of the proposed 500 GeV e+ e- International Linear  Collider, a machine critical to supplementing LHC physics. The goal  at present is to produce complete Engineering Design Reports by 2011  for the ILC machine as well as for two complementary detector  collaborations for physics. A two meter drift Time Projection Chamber  with an ambitious 100 micron resolution goal for all tracks is a  strong candidate for the gaseous tracking detector option. To meet  the challenge, groups from all over the world have been developing  Micro Pattern Gas Detectors (MPGD) for the TPC readout. Canadian TPC  groups are at the forefront of this research and we have developed a  new MPGD readout concept of charge dispersion for improved TPC  resolution. Our 15 cm drift prototype TPC has recently achieved an  unprecedented 50 micron resolution in a 5 Tesla magnet at DESY – an  important step in demonstrating the feasibility of achieving the ILC  TPC resolution goal. A Linear Collider TPC collaboration has been  formed recently with first task to construct and test a large 1 m  prototype TPC in time for the ILC detector engineering design report.  Canadian and French groups have proposed to jointly design and  construct the charge dispersion MPGD readout panels for the large  prototype. An overview of our ILC TPC R&D activities and plans for  the future will be presented.

Stimulants available 15 minutes before the talk.


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