[Triumf-seminars] TRIUMF Special Seminar today at 15:30

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Fri Nov 23 08:09:38 PST 2007

Date/Time: Fri 2007-11-23 at 15:30

Location:  MOB Videoconference 

Speaker:   Rolf Seuster (U. Victoria)

Title:     Jet Moments and Event Shapes in ATLAS: Applications in Physics and Calibration

Abstract: The so-called Jet Moments and the Event Shapes well known from e+e- experiments have many applications in the ATLAS experiment. For example, the non-compensating calorimeter in ATLAS requires an offline software energy calibration, which is heavily based on Monte-Carlo.  Jet Moments can be used to validate this calibration approach. Furthermore, Jet Moments can be used in various Physics analyses and some further examples are given. Event Shapes are well known from and found to be extremely useful at e+e- and ep colliders. Recent theoretical progress now makes resummed calculations available also for hadron-hadron colliders, and with the LHC era at the doorstep, Event Shapes will again play an important role in many physics analysis.

Stimulants available 15 minutes before the talk. The speaker is an ATLAS research scientist candidate.


Subscription information available at http://admin.triumf.ca/netdata/seminars/list

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