[Triumf-user] TRIUMF Colloq broadcast "Observation of gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger by LIGO" (March 3rd, 2pm Pacific)

Iris Dillmann dillmann at triumf.ca
Mon Feb 29 11:52:53 PST 2016

Dear TRIUMF User Group,

on Thu, March 3rd at 14:00 Pacific we will have the pleasure to hear 
from Michael Landry (LIGO Hanford Observatory) about "Observation of 
gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger by LIGO".

On Sep 14, 2015, the two interferometric detectors of the Laser 
Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) detected 
gravitational waves from a binary black hole system. Denoted GW150914, 
the signal swept in frequency from 35Hz to 250Hz, and had a peak 
gravitational-wave strain of 1.0e-21. This is the first direct detection 
of gravitational waves and the first observation of a binary black hole 
merger. In this talk we will review elements of LIGO in the context of 
the detection: gravitational waves and sources, the status of the 
second-generation interferometric detectors, and the first observing run 
of Advanced LIGO, O1. We discuss the detection of the binary black hole 
system, and some of the physics and astrophysics conclusions that are 
drawn from the data. We close with an outlook on the future.

Since we think that this topic will be also of interest for our external 
users, we will broadcast it via this link here:

Best regards
Iris Dillmann (for the TRIUMF colloquium team)

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