[Videoconferencing] FYI: AUP for EVO

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Thu Feb 26 11:25:27 PST 2009


There was some discussion on the megaconference list about collaboration 
tools. A couple of people mentioned EVO but it's not clear what the usage 
policy is.

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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 07:18:03 +0100
From: Philippe Galvez via RT <evosupport at vrvs.org>
To: advax at triumf.ca
Subject: Re: [vrvs.org #6653] AUP/licence for EVO ?


I agree that it is not clear from the web site and this is one of the
many others items that we need to work on.

To be brief, the AUP is as follow:
     o Only Research and Academic activities are allows in EVO (no
personnel or business activities)
     o EVO is primarily dedicated to the LHC (the main funding source)
and to some extend to the HEP community
     o While EVO access is still opened to others communities, if their
usage is starting to be significant, we may request some support (annual
fees) to share the cost of the operation and general support of the EVO
infrastructure and service.

In parallel, because of high demand from commercial entities, Caltech
licensed EVO Technology to a Spin-off business entity that is in charge
of the commercialize. The model is not yet clear bu we can expect that
pretty soon, EVO will be able to be installed and run independently by
whoever is interested to buy the product.

I hope that provide some initial answers to your questions.

     -- Philippe

Andrew Daviel via RT wrote:
> Occasionally I get questions about what we use for videoconferencing,
> and I usually say EVO and H323. But I'm not quite sure who's allowed to
> use EVO.
> What is the AUP on using EVO ? It doesn't seem to feature prominently in
> the FAQ or "about EVO" pages.
> Is there any chance of EVO software bing licenced for independant use, or
> open-sourced ?

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