[Videoconferencing] Video upgrades in ISAC2 conference room

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Mon Sep 26 18:43:22 PDT 2011

(perhaps not entirely appropriate as there is no videoconferencing in 
that room, but it's close)

I have upgraded the projector and digital presenter in the ISAC2 
conference room (downstairs).

The 1024x768 pixel Sony projector is replaced with a brighter, higher 
resolution Canon projector capable of better than 1280x1024 native.

The 1024x768 pixel digital presenter is replaced with a new unit capable 
of 1280x1024 native.
The new presenter is able to show images from an SD card (e.g. from a 
digital camera) inserted in a slot, and also to focus on distant objects 
when the lens if flipped down. E.g. it can zoom in on drawings tacked to 
the wall.

The CD player in the cabinet still works on the S-Video input.

Laptops can still be connected via the presenter as before, and may
be displayed in higher resolution. However, there is only one VGA input 
instead of the 2 switchable inputs.

The projector is capable of HDMI and DVI input, but at present there is 
no cable.

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