[Videoconferencing] SeeVogh Research Network transistion

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Mon Jan 14 16:09:06 PST 2013

The EVO videoconference service is still in transition to a 
semi-commercial service SeeVogh.

The existing EVO service becomes the SeeVogh Research Network. Communities 
that existed in EVO will now be available on a subscription basis.
The TRIUMF community is now funded by TRIUMF and available for use.

The EVO client no longer allows new communities to be added, but existing 
accounts can use their configured communities.

To join the TRIUMF (or T2K etc.) community, use the Beta Version from 
http://research.seevogh.com (click on Beta, not Start). Then
click on menu->Manage communities and add TRIUMF using the key.
Which can be found at http://ccn.triumf.ca/conferencing/SeeVogh
This password is NOT to be reposted on public lists (like this one) or 
posted on public sites, but may be sent in private email to people that 
require it. The above URL should require a login from offsite.

The SeeVoghRN client at time of writing still has the problems reported 
earlier - it sets the Bttv capture card to PAL not NTSC, so video in the 
TRIUMF meeting rooms will not transmit properly, and deskshare crashes the 
client on Linux.

I believe, but have not proved, that once you have used the Beta client to 
add a community to your account, you can then use that account on the 
production client, or the EVO client until summer 2012.

Andrew Daviel
Local 7376

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