[Videoconferencing] EVO phone bridge problem

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Thu Aug 29 14:46:44 PDT 2013

There seems to be a problem with the EVO phone bridge on 604-222-7700 - I 
can be heard, but can't hear anything via the phone headset. The Caltech 
gateway seems OK, so if you need to add a phone participant, consider 
using that ( +1 626 395 2112, in the booking email).

I have reported this to Evogh support. If it's a problem at the TRIUMF 
end, I may not get to it for a couple of weeks since I will be away.

In other news, I have run an HDMI cable in ISAC2 223 to the right-hand 
projector, for newer laptops that have no VGA connector. I hope to do the 
same in the boardroom and main conference room.

Andrew Daviel, TRIUMF, Canada

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