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Thu Sep 27 15:19:38 PDT 2018

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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 11:33:56 -0700
From: Philippe Galvez <pgalvez at ezuce.com>
Subject: New features coming soon to the eZuce SRN Research Network

Dear SRN Community Manager,

We have some exciting changes on the way for all SRN users. The new Vibe client is ready to be used for all SRN related activities. In many ways the design and features of Vibe were influenced by how
research teams were utilizing SRN.

There are many new additions in Vibe that we hope your users will enjoy. These include:

H.264 SVC Codec for better video performance over slower connections

SIP Softphone that allows users to make/take calls and bridge calls into meetings

Enhanced Chat features

Application tabs to open Web Apps

Easy access to community meetings as well as online members? presence

And many more.

On October 3rd, 2018, the SRN users (and managers) will be able to sign-in directly to the Vibe Web Portal. The SRN users will be able to see all their scheduled rooms/meetings and create new ones. The
Community Managers will have additional privileges for managing their community. They will be able to access all the registered community members, remove/add any members, manage members? rooms, manage
room settings.

New SRN users will be able to sign-up at: http://vibe.ezuce.com/srn . When registered, they will be able to run the Vibe application and subscribed to their community via a password as before OR the
Community Manager will have the possibility to add new members to their community directly from the portal. Members will then receive email notifications that they have been added to a community along
with information about how to sign-in.

Note that the current client (the eZuce SRN application) will still be compatible and continue to work as usual. This will ease the transition for users to switch to the new Vibe client.

Also, in order to activate your Web portal access, you will need to sign-in using your SRN account credentials via the Vibe application first so your account can be migrated transparently.

There are some changes that Community Managers should make note of:

Changes for members using old/current eZuce SRN Client:


     When clicking on the ?Register? button on the following screen, the user will get the email shown below.



Dear future eZuce SRN user,

In order to register, please contact your eZuce SRN community manager
or register directly from the following link http://vibe.ezuce.com/srn

Please do not hesitate to contact eZuce SRN Team at srnsupport at ezuce.com for support.

eZuce SRN: International Real-Time Collaboration service for the Research and Academic Communities

Hosted by eZuce Inc.


Changes when using the new Vibe client


     A meeting Moderator key is mandatory when booking using the Vibe client or via the Portal. This function provides more flexibility to allow any member with the moderator key to be able to manage an
     ongoing meeting (mute/unmute/kickout participants).


     Two booking eMail confirmations will be sent during the transition period. One using the new Vibe format and a second using the old/current eZuce SRN client format (see below). This will allow a
     smooth transition. The second email will be stopped when the community becomes more familiar with Vibe.

Current eZuce SRN email notification:


New Vibe email notification:


To conclude, the new Vibe SRN Services will offer:


     Web Portal access: https://vibe.ezuce.com


         For all, login access, manage profile and meetings


         For admin (provisioner), manage users (add, delete, access control, password update), manage users? rooms, manage room settings.


     All meetings will have a 10 digit access number


         Easy to join via WebRTC client (https://vibe.ezuce.com/webrtc)


         Easy to join via H.323 or SIP


         Easy to join as Guest user via the Vibe Application


     Full access to Vibe Application and advanced features.



We hope you enjoy all of the new features provided by Vibe and that it empowers your SRN communities to do great things.


eZuce and the Vibe Team.

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