[Videoconferencing] Differences between Vibe and eZuceSRN/SeeVoghRN

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Fri Oct 12 18:21:00 PDT 2018

In October 2018 eZuce released a new video client called 

It's mostly compatible with the previous eZuceSRN and SeeVoghRN clients, 
but there are a few differences.
(Both clients can join the same meetings, but booking and joining is 
slightly different)

Note that the automated booking email from srnsupport at ezuce.com no 
longer includes the meeting password. If booking from eZuceSRN, you must 
note it and tell participants (e.g. add it to the forwarded email).

Please see http://video.triumf.ca/vibe/

Vibe/eZuceSRN now supports WebRTC, so you can join meetings directly 
from a modern browser (screen sharing appears broken as yet).

Andrew Daviel
Tel. +1 604 222 7376  (Pacific Time)

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