[Videoconferencing] Changes to TRIUMF eZuceSRN/SeeVoghRN service

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Wed Oct 24 19:09:39 PDT 2018

The eZuce videoconference service used by TRIUMF has evolved over the 
years while staying incrementally compatible. We have had:
Vic+Rat, VRVS, EVO, Evogh, SeeVoghRN, eZuceSRN and now the latest 
incarnation, Vibe.

Vibe remains technically compatible with the previous eZuceSRN and 
SeeVoghRN - any of those clients can attend a meeting. But there are 
some changes to booking and advertising meetings.

Meetings booked with eZuceSRN get a 7-digit meeting ID, and can have an 
alphanumeric password.
We've always used an "open meeting" with no moderator.
Up to 5 guests can attend a meeting, using a special URL.
Anyone with a TRIUMF email address is automatically allowed to join the 
TRIUMF community, while we have had a shared password to allow others to 

Meetings booked with Vibe get a 10-digit meeting ID, and can have a 
4-digit PIN.
A moderator PIN is required, but need not be used in open meetings.
A TRIUMF administrator (currently myself or Steve McDonald) can add 
anyone to the TRIUMF community. Anyone can join any meeting if they know 
the meeting ID (and possibly PIN). The meeting ID is common to all 
clients (phone, desktop etc.)
Users can now join meetings directly with a recent browser using WebRTC
at https://vibe.ezuce.com/webrtc

During a transition period, booking a meeting will generate two emails, 
one for Vibe users and one for eZuceSRN/SeeVoghRN users.
The meeting password no longer appears in the eZuceSRN email; the PIN 
appears in the Vibe email.

Also during the transition period, both eZuceSRN and Vibe meeting IDs 
and phone bridge codes will work, e.g.
the "Testing" meeting has eZuceSRN ID 20 and Vibe ID 1010881083

Users can login themselves to the Vibe Web Portal 
(https://vibe.ezuce.com). But they must FIRST login to the Vibe client, 
in order for their credendtials to be copied across.
See https://vibe.ezuce.com/download

See a previous message at
and documentation at

Currently, the phone bridge at TRIUMF (+1 604-222-7700) is experiencing
technical difficulties. The Caltech one at  +1 626 395 2112
is working normally, and now accepts Vibe IDs.

If you no longer use TRIUMF eZuceSRN, please let me know and I can 
remove you from the community.

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unsubscribe at any time using the instuctions at the bottom of the 
message, or ask me.

Andrew Daviel
Tel. +1 604 222 7376  (Pacific Time)
TRIUMF - Canada's particle accelerator centre

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