[Videoconferencing] Changes to TRIUMF eZuceSRN/SeeVoghRN service

Thomas Lindner lindner at triumf.ca
Mon Oct 29 10:09:42 PDT 2018

Hi Andrew,

My two cents: I have used zoom, bluejeans and eZuce for the last couple 
years.  My opinion is that zoom and bluejeans are far superior 
products.  They have better features and more reliable connections.  We 
also found that eZuce often put out software updates which didn't work 
on all operating systems.  I always recommend people to use Zoom or 
Bluejeans and I actively discourage using eZuce.

I'm sure we would need to pay for Zoom and bluejeans.  I know that 
SuperCDMS people use a zoom instance at Fermilab; don't know how much it 

We might pay a little more for these other services.  But ezuce is 
cheaper because it is a worse service.


On 2018-10-26 5:25 PM, Andrew Daviel wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Oct 2018, Akira Konaka wrote:
>> Dear Andrew.
>>  Recently, some collaborations are moving away from eZuceSRN which 
>> sometimes
>> have connection problems. ZOOM and Bluejeans seem to have stable 
>> connections,
>> and I found both are very reliable. KEK has recently adopted 
>> Vidyo.developed
>> at CERN as well. Is Vibe considered providing more stable 
>> connections? Would it be
>> worth considering some of these other tools?
> Vibe has some changes, described as
> New Features!
>         H.264 SVC Codec: Better video over poor connections
>         Enhanced Chat Experience: Persistent chat for rooms and 
> private chat
>         SIP Softphone: Connect to your organizations phone system
>         Applications Tabs: Web apps open while in meetings
>         Easy access to community meetings: Connect with colleagues easier
>         And many more!
> They have also updated the Panda servers (the concentrators that do 
> transcoding and replication, such as the one we host here).
> So there may be some noticable improvements.
> Vidyo as I recall was an existing commercial product which CERN 
> decided to adopt, not a CERN software. (irrelevant, I know)
> As I recall, CERN host a Vidyo server, which is used for e.g. ATLAS 
> meetings. That costs something like $30,000. There is one at BC.net 
> which we might be able to use. I don't doubt there are some ongoing 
> service costs as well.
> I don't know the costing model for Bluejeans or Zoom.
> For Vibe/eZuce, we pay an annual fee, prorated since we host a Panda 
> server, giving us unmetered usage for any TRIUMF user. There are still 
> a fair number of meetings being booked.
> The issues in room 223 are separate
> Andrew
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