[Videoconferencing] Changes to TRIUMF eZuceSRN/SeeVoghRN service

Fabrice Retiere fretiere at triumf.ca
Mon Oct 29 11:00:02 PDT 2018

I also vote for zoom because it is now widely used in our community. 
Stanford also has a license.

I have used uberconference and freeconference. They are not bad but 
uberconference only work well on Chrome and muting is sometimes unreliable.


On 2018-10-29 10:27 AM, Kel Raywood wrote:
> I've not used eZuce but agree with Thomas about zoom and bluejeans.
> I've had recent experience with Webex and gotomeeting and both were
> problematic under Linux.  Joining a gotomeeting through the
> web-interface worked, with audio (didn't try the video) but I found it
> clumsy and there was no option to share a desktop from Linux.   Webex
> was very dissappointing.  I've used their java client on Linux in the
> past (5y ago I think) and it worked then. But they haven't updated it
> recently and it just doesn't work now.    I had to remote-desktop to our
> windows-server to use it. Fortunately phone-dialin was an option for audio.
> I mentioned in a message to Davis a little while back that  if TRIUMF is
> purchasing a commercial subscription to something for the lab, then I
> think bluejeans is the no-brainer choice because of its integration with
> Office-365 and good platform-independent and cross-platform support.
> Also, FWIW, bluejeans list BCNet on the featured-customers section.
> On 2018-10-29 10:09 a.m., Thomas Lindner wrote:
>> Hi Andrew,
>> My two cents: I have used zoom, bluejeans and eZuce for the last couple
>> years.  My opinion is that zoom and bluejeans are far superior
>> products.  They have better features and more reliable connections.  We
>> also found that eZuce often put out software updates which didn't work
>> on all operating systems.  I always recommend people to use Zoom or
>> Bluejeans and I actively discourage using eZuce.
>> I'm sure we would need to pay for Zoom and bluejeans.  I know that
>> SuperCDMS people use a zoom instance at Fermilab; don't know how much it
>> costs.
>> We might pay a little more for these other services.  But ezuce is
>> cheaper because it is a worse service.
>> Cheers,
>> Thomas
>> On 2018-10-26 5:25 PM, Andrew Daviel wrote:
>>> On Thu, 25 Oct 2018, Akira Konaka wrote:
>>>> Dear Andrew.
>>>>    Recently, some collaborations are moving away from eZuceSRN which
>>>> sometimes
>>>> have connection problems. ZOOM and Bluejeans seem to have stable
>>>> connections,
>>>> and I found both are very reliable. KEK has recently adopted
>>>> Vidyo.developed
>>>> at CERN as well. Is Vibe considered providing more stable
>>>> connections? Would it be
>>>> worth considering some of these other tools?
>>> Vibe has some changes, described as
>>> New Features!
>>>           H.264 SVC Codec: Better video over poor connections
>>>           Enhanced Chat Experience: Persistent chat for rooms and
>>> private chat
>>>           SIP Softphone: Connect to your organizations phone system
>>>           Applications Tabs: Web apps open while in meetings
>>>           Easy access to community meetings: Connect with colleagues easier
>>>           And many more!
>>> They have also updated the Panda servers (the concentrators that do
>>> transcoding and replication, such as the one we host here).
>>> So there may be some noticable improvements.
>>> Vidyo as I recall was an existing commercial product which CERN
>>> decided to adopt, not a CERN software. (irrelevant, I know)
>>> As I recall, CERN host a Vidyo server, which is used for e.g. ATLAS
>>> meetings. That costs something like $30,000. There is one at BC.net
>>> which we might be able to use. I don't doubt there are some ongoing
>>> service costs as well.
>>> I don't know the costing model for Bluejeans or Zoom.
>>> For Vibe/eZuce, we pay an annual fee, prorated since we host a Panda
>>> server, giving us unmetered usage for any TRIUMF user. There are still
>>> a fair number of meetings being booked.
>>> The issues in room 223 are separate
>>> Andrew
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