[Videoconferencing] Changes to TRIUMF eZuceSRN/SeeVoghRN service

Arthur Olin olin at triumf.ca
Mon Oct 29 14:49:39 PDT 2018

My experience seems the opposite of everyone else. I've been using Ezuce for two sets of meetings, and in the past year I can't remembe a serious problem. Audio and video testing are simple and the share works easily. I use it on linux. Might the reported problems be specific to Mac users?

I use vidyo for the cern meetings and there have a number of issues this year. The desktop stopped working or being supported on linux. The web interface that replaced it was OK but stopped working with Firefox for some months. Chrome was OK but it requires an extension for screen shares. The vidyo cafe for audio testing is available irregularly. And I've occasionally lost sending audio till I reconnected. The vidyo room scheme is useful c/w simple meetings, but the addressing scheme with keys/ extensions/room names is confusing. Apparently EZuce vibe has a similar scheme. Vidyo's integration with indico is a strength

Unforunately both CERN and KEK are on Vidyo now so I'll be using it regardless of its problems, and am not motivated to learn another system.

My experience with Bluejeans is several years old, and I found it not very intuitive.

On 2018-10-29 2:00 p.m., Fabrice Retiere wrote:

I also vote for zoom because it is now widely used in our community.
Stanford also has a license.

I have used uberconference and freeconference. They are not bad but
uberconference only work well on Chrome and muting is sometimes unreliable.


On 2018-10-29 10:27 AM, Kel Raywood wrote:

I've not used eZuce but agree with Thomas about zoom and bluejeans.

I've had recent experience with Webex and gotomeeting and both were
problematic under Linux.  Joining a gotomeeting through the
web-interface worked, with audio (didn't try the video) but I found it
clumsy and there was no option to share a desktop from Linux.   Webex
was very dissappointing.  I've used their java client on Linux in the
past (5y ago I think) and it worked then. But they haven't updated it
recently and it just doesn't work now.    I had to remote-desktop to our
windows-server to use it. Fortunately phone-dialin was an option for audio.

I mentioned in a message to Davis a little while back that  if TRIUMF is
purchasing a commercial subscription to something for the lab, then I
think bluejeans is the no-brainer choice because of its integration with
Office-365 and good platform-independent and cross-platform support.

Also, FWIW, bluejeans list BCNet on the featured-customers section.

On 2018-10-29 10:09 a.m., Thomas Lindner wrote:

Hi Andrew,

My two cents: I have used zoom, bluejeans and eZuce for the last couple
years.  My opinion is that zoom and bluejeans are far superior
products.  They have better features and more reliable connections.  We
also found that eZuce often put out software updates which didn't work
on all operating systems.  I always recommend people to use Zoom or
Bluejeans and I actively discourage using eZuce.

I'm sure we would need to pay for Zoom and bluejeans.  I know that
SuperCDMS people use a zoom instance at Fermilab; don't know how much it

We might pay a little more for these other services.  But ezuce is
cheaper because it is a worse service.


On 2018-10-26 5:25 PM, Andrew Daviel wrote:

On Thu, 25 Oct 2018, Akira Konaka wrote:

Dear Andrew.

   Recently, some collaborations are moving away from eZuceSRN which
have connection problems. ZOOM and Bluejeans seem to have stable
and I found both are very reliable. KEK has recently adopted
at CERN as well. Is Vibe considered providing more stable
connections? Would it be
worth considering some of these other tools?

Vibe has some changes, described as

New Features!

          H.264 SVC Codec: Better video over poor connections
          Enhanced Chat Experience: Persistent chat for rooms and
private chat
          SIP Softphone: Connect to your organizations phone system
          Applications Tabs: Web apps open while in meetings
          Easy access to community meetings: Connect with colleagues easier
          And many more!

They have also updated the Panda servers (the concentrators that do
transcoding and replication, such as the one we host here).

So there may be some noticable improvements.

Vidyo as I recall was an existing commercial product which CERN
decided to adopt, not a CERN software. (irrelevant, I know)
As I recall, CERN host a Vidyo server, which is used for e.g. ATLAS
meetings. That costs something like $30,000. There is one at BC.net
which we might be able to use. I don't doubt there are some ongoing
service costs as well.

I don't know the costing model for Bluejeans or Zoom.

For Vibe/eZuce, we pay an annual fee, prorated since we host a Panda
server, giving us unmetered usage for any TRIUMF user. There are still
a fair number of meetings being booked.

The issues in room 223 are separate

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