[Videoconferencing] ISAC II 223 status

John Behr behr at triumf.ca
Sun Nov 25 14:58:25 PST 2018

Users kindly installed one of the year-old Samsung TV's out of its box.
HDMI1 is working with local connection with a 12 foot cable, with supplied 
adapters to smaller HDMI types, and untested usb-c.

Console control talks to neither middle nor right projector. [Middle 
projector had indicated 'lamp dead' but recovered by cycling power.]
This was after rebooting and cycling power to linksys device.
This is perhaps just as well, because the room computer isn't able to do 
much these days.

Right projector does work with the labelled laptop "Right" VGA connector
on the table. Once the computer projector control was set to 'laptop,' 
this continues to work with the computer off... thus the computer is 
presently off.
The bulb, as is known, is old, so the TV picture is in much 
better shape.

I, J.B., will try to procure an HDMI to VGA adapter, concentrating on the 
video only.

All of this is of course unofficial, since IT chose to stop support during 
the great leap. Yet people have to have equipment for their meetings.

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