[Videoconferencing] hdmi, vga Re: ISAC II 223 status

John Behr behr at triumf.ca
Sun Nov 25 15:27:49 PST 2018

Re: hdmi and vga: very naive assumption on my part.
I have found the setup in TRIUMF Innovations boardroom to be very 

I don't know if either a standard or a 
connector exists to send VGA laptop signals to HDMI (I find many 
connectors with solid documentation for the other direction, 
explicitly documented to be one-way). I'm going to stop looking.

There is the existing VGA support in 223 for a laptop running the 
right-hand projector, and hdmi for the TV in the middle.


On Sun, 25 Nov 2018, John Behr wrote:

> Users kindly installed one of the year-old Samsung TV's out of its box.
> HDMI1 is working with local connection with a 12 foot cable, with supplied
> adapters to smaller HDMI types, and untested usb-c.
> Console control talks to neither middle nor right projector. [Middle
> projector had indicated 'lamp dead' but recovered by cycling power.]
> This was after rebooting and cycling power to linksys device.
> This is perhaps just as well, because the room computer isn't able to do
> much these days.
> Right projector does work with the labelled laptop "Right" VGA connector
> on the table. Once the computer projector control was set to 'laptop,'
> this continues to work with the computer off... thus the computer is
> presently off.
> The bulb, as is known, is old, so the TV picture is in much
> better shape.
> I, J.B., will try to procure an HDMI to VGA adapter, concentrating on the
> video only.
> All of this is of course unofficial, since IT chose to stop support during
> the great leap. Yet people have to have equipment for their meetings.
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