[Videoconferencing] Vidyo/Vibe in MOB & Boardroom

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Mon Nov 26 18:44:13 PST 2018

VidyoConnect appeared to be missing from the room computer in the MOB 
conference room. Either that, or it wasn't showing up in search, only 
the installer - I thought I had installed it last year.
I've installed it and pinned it to the Windows Start menu.

Vibe was previously installed. I updated it, and  also pinned it to 
the Start menu.

In the Boardroom, both VidyoConnect and Vibe were already installed. 
I've pinned them both to the Start menu and taskbar.

Vibe is now preferred for Vibe/eZuceSRN meetings, though eZuceSRN should 
still work if you have an SRN file or srn.ezuce.com URL.

Andrew Daviel
Tel. +1 604 222 7376  (Pacific Time)
Network Security Manager
TRIUMF - Canada's particle accelerator centre

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