[Videoconferencing] Retirement

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Sun Jun 30 20:19:32 PDT 2019

I'm retiring from TRIUMF at the end of June, i.e. tonight.

Please continue to send any videoconferencing requests or issues to
the Audio and Video Conferencing queue on 

or contact
Orlando de la Cruz
Emile Vartanian
Davis Swan

In other news, it looks like Lifesize has jumped on the WebRTC bandwagon 
and are offering free Web videoconferencing for up to 8 participants, to 
compete with newcomers such as Zoom.

Lifesize are an established H323 vendor founded by engineers who jumped 
from Polycom to produce the first HD quality videoconference appliance. 
We have their older HD appliances in the auditorium and boardroom. They 
are now selling 4K systems (premium features in a for-fee service).


seems to only work with Chrome so far (works on my phone)

Andrew Daviel

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